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Year-end report 2023

February 22, 2024

Annual report 2023

May 3, 2024

Q1 2024

May 3, 2024

Svenska Aerogel to become exclusive supplier of aerogel material for patented, high-performance toothpaste for sensitivity

Svenska Aerogel is set to be the exclusive manufacturer of a new aerogel material for use in a patented toothpaste for sensitive teeth within the premium segment. This material was developed during a multi-year collaboration between Svenska Aerogel, a leading London university, and a global healthcare company. When tested, the toothpaste containing the material has proven to be more than 44 times faster-acting than market-leading toothpastes for sensitivity. Matrix, a UK-based company specializing in the commercialization of personal care products and brands, is now preparing to launch the toothpaste on the British retail market.

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Svenska Aerogel receives another order for 2.2 tons – customer orders 44% more material this year compared to last year

A returning European customer has placed yet another order for 2.2 tons of Quartzene[®], marking a repetition of its largest order. With this new order, it becomes clear that the customer has ordered 44% more of Svenska Aerogel’s material in 2023 compared to 2022. The customer operates in Building & Construction, an industry that has faced a challenging year. However, the order indicates an improvement for the customer, whose product is excellent for energy renovations in buildings.

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Kvartalsrapport juli–sept 2023 Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ)

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ) rapporterar tredje kvartalet 2023. Fler kunder introducerar produkter med Quartzene[®], och bolaget intensifierar sitt fokus på transportsegmentet. Dessutom har bolaget färdigställt ansökan om ett nytt processpatent som kommer stärka dess konkurrenskraft ytterligare.

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Kvartalsrapport jan–mars 2023 Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ)

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ) rapporterar första kvartalet 2023 med den bästa materialförsäljningen någonsin under ett kvartal. Under Q1 2023 ökade bolagets försäljning av Quartzene® med 323 % jämfört med Q1 2022. Svenska Aerogel har goda förhoppningar om att större företag i pilotfasen når ramp up-fas i närtid, och allt fler nya potentiella kunder intresserar sig för värdet av våra produkter.

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