Our SeaQare™ product is a composition intended to be incorporated in antifouling paints for the prevention of growth on vessels, hulls of boats and other sub sea level equipment. SeaQare™ is based on amorphous, porous silica (Quartzene®) which is hydrophilic.

SeaQare™ in antifouling paint offers a controlled release of copper

SeaQare™ functions as a carrier of copper in antifouling paints. This way, the product supports antifouling paints for a controlled release of copper into the environment. When studied in independent paint testing by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), the steady state copper release from antifouling paint containing SeaQare™ was considerably lower compared to the copper release from typical commercial antifouling paints. With SeaQare™ there is no initial burst-out effect after vessel launch, which means that no excessive waste of copper is released into to the environment during antifouling use. Moreover, the use of SeaQare™ in antifouling paints generates less copper waste during hull maintenance such as washing, removal of old paint layers and re-painting.

Further benefits of SeaQare™

In addition to the mentioned advantages of the product, SeaQare™ makes it possible to produce antifouling paint with a minimum amount of active ingredient, yet with maintained or improved antifouling efficacy. The positive effect of SeaQare™ has been confirmed by RISE through testing. Finally, the light base material used in SeaQare™ enables reduced weight for our customers’ antifouling products.

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