We focus on three main customer segments: Building & Construction, Process industry, and Transport.

Since Quartzene is available in several variants and can be optimized for the customer’s needs, there are great opportunities for our technology in other segments too. Currently, for example, applications in the field of Life Science (medicine, biology, food and drink, cosmetics, etc.) are being evaluated.

With the ongoing transition to electric vehicles, the transport industry demands thermal insulation that is high-performing, lightweight and fire-retardant. With its unique properties, Quartzene can meet these demands and increase the safety of passengers.

In the process industry, there is a need for process stability, safety, corrosion protection, and avoiding damage over time. To fulfill these needs, efficient insulation is essential. Quartzene can be used to limit heat losses, save energy, minimize condensation problems, and prevent injuries from hot surfaces in the workplace.

In the building and construction industry, there is a demand for greater energy efficiency. Quartzene can provide this as well as other improved material properties that the industry calls for: thermal insulation, low density, and increased safety.

Today, customers in the Pulp & Paper industry need sustainable products with low density and good barrier properties. Quartzene meets the industry’s needs with the following qualities: replacement of plastic as a barrier for short periods of use, reduced weight and material consumption, and good adsorption capacity.