Process Industry

In the process industry, there is a need for process stability, safety, corrosion protection, and avoiding damage over time. Also, the need to reduce energy losses in the industry and in district heating networks continues to increase in order to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs.

To fulfill these needs, efficient insulation is essential. With its excellent insulating properties, Quartzene reduces the thermal conductivity. The material can be used in the process industry to save energy, limit heat losses, minimize condensation problems, and prevent injuries from hot surfaces in the workplace.

Examples of applications

“Safe touch” – thermal insulation coatings

Quartzene can be used in thermal insulation coatings, such as the WorléeShield technology that we introduced in 2022 together with Worlée. WorléeShield is a sprayable thermal insulation coating which can – due to its low thermal conductivity – save energy and costs by decreasing heat losses. In addition, the technology can protect personnel against contact burns and thus contribute to increased workplace safety in the process industry. It is ideal for coating pipes, valves, and tanks, and it offers good fire protection. The coating is based on a combination of our hydrophobic Quartzene material and Worlée’s binders and additives. Worlée has created a guide formulation that describes how the technology can be put together. 

A challenge in the process industry is corrosion under insulation. This problem occurs when condensation forms in traditional fiberglass insulation around pipes, for example. Corrosion can occur without being noticed, which can lead to unexpected and costly interruptions. Thermal insulation coatings and paints are very good options to avoid the problem.

Thermal insulation blankets

Another way to solve the process industry’s problems with corrosion and energy losses is to use aerogel blankets. Quartzene can be used in blankets, offering thin but highly efficient insulation. The flexibility and bendability of blankets make them ideal for industrial insulation. For instance, they can be used on hot pipes to retain the heat in the system while they also protect personnel via their “safe touch” effect.

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