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Svenska Aerogel on First North Growth

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB’s shares were admitted for trading on the trading platform Nasdaq First North Growth Market on December 20, 2016

Nasdaq First North Growth Market is a division of Nasdaq Nordic and an alternative stock exchange (legally a multilateral trading facility) for smaller companies in Europe.

Trading information First North Growth
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The shares are administered by Euroclear Sweden AB

Certified Adviser

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB’s Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB. They support and ensure that the company continuously complies with the rules and regulations.
FNCA Sweden AB does not own any shares in the Company.
Contact:, 08-528 003 99

Important information about Nasdaq Stockholm First North Growth Market

First North is an alternative trading platform operated by an organization within the NASDAQ Stockholm Group. Companies on First North are not subject to the same rules as companies on the regulated main market. Instead, they follow a less comprehensive set of rules and regulations tailored to small growth companies. The risk of investing in a company on First North may therefore be higher than investing in a company on the main market.

All companies whose shares are sold and bought on First North have a certified advisor who checks that the rules are followed. The First North exchange approves a company’s application for a trading license.

About Nasdaq First North Growth Market

First North is Nasdaq’s European growth market, adapted for smaller and growing companies. With a less extensive regulatory framework than that of the regulated main market, the First North market gives companies more room to focus on their business and its development, while taking advantage of all the good aspects of being a listed company.
In contrast to the regulated market, each company on First North has an advisor (Certified Adviser) who ensures that the companies meet the requirements and rules that exist.
Many well-known companies have started their journey at First North. Here they have created growth and experience that has benefited the company, this has also meant that many companies after some time complete a listing on Nasdaq’s regulated main market.
For investors, First North represents the opportunity to invest in companies that are in an interesting growth phase. In addition, First North is a well-diversified market where the companies represent a number of interesting industries that are not only active in the Nordics but also globally. These factors together contribute to the broad investment opportunity available at First North.

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