3.2.6 Quality Policy

Svenska Aerogel AB is associated with the right communicated quality for the market for its products where Quartzene makes the best use in its most natural form. Svenska Aerogel has identified three market segments where it sees the greatest opportunities for rapid commercialization. Svenska Aerogel AB wants to be the obvious first choice as a supplier in the applications where Quartzene can be used.

Svenska Aerogel AB has a business management that effectively ensures the quality of its products and services.

The customer in focus

Svenska Aerogel AB works to understand and meet the customer’s quality requirements, needs and expectations.

Continuous improvement

Svenska Aerogel AB shall continuously measure and improve our processes, competence and quality outcomes.

Right from start to finish

Svenska Aerogel AB engages our suppliers, staff and customers with a
“right from me” attitude.

Quality first and foremost

Svenska Aerogel AB always strives for the highest quality, always finding and correcting the root cause of deviations that occur.

Quality success drives business success

Every employee has the obligation to remedy the lack of quality and, if necessary, stop the process or activity.

Legal requirements

Svenska Aerogel AB meets applicable regulatory requirements, laws and norms.

Tor Einar Norbakk
CEO Svenska Aerogel AB