Quartzene is the brand name of a novel platform of synthetic silica powder materials designed to boost the functional performance of your product.

Next Generation Aerogel

Quartzene is in most applications used as a functional additive. As manufacturer of, for instance, paint, plaster, building panels or sealants, you can improve the sustainable performance of your products by adding Quartzene. The main purpose here is to improve insulation, reduce material consumption, reduce weight, replace plastic and increase safety – often Quartzene contributes to a combination of these in one and the same solution.

Quartzene offers similar material properties as classic aerogels but is more sustainable due to the raw materials and the simplified, and much less resource demanding manufacturing process.

Properties that enhance your products

Quartzene offers a range of key properties such as low density (= high bulk), low thermal conductivity, high absorption and so on. They are all related to the chemical and structural nature of Quartzene. The material constitutes a complex amorphous structure of intermingled silicate chains. Its physical particles consist of around 5% solid material in a network surrounding a great volume of air distributed in countless meso-sized pores. Quartzene is non-hazardous and causes no harm to human or environmental health. Quartzene itself is inorganic, inert and doesn´t burn. This, paired with the insulating property, makes it excellent for use in fire protecting applications. 

Customizable and sustainable production

Quartzene is produced in a patented waterborne process utilising commonly available silica source, water and green energy. The flexible process allows modification of the materials’ morphology, particle size, porosity, and other features, enabling a wide use in many different end products and business segments. The materials can be chemically modified by surface treatment, by co-precipitation or by mixing with other ingredients to bring additional benefits such as controlled absorption or release. 

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