Svenska Aerogel is set to be the exclusive manufacturer of a new aerogel material for use in a patented toothpaste for sensitive teeth within the premium segment. This material was developed during a multi-year collaboration between Svenska Aerogel, a leading London university, and a global healthcare company. When tested, the toothpaste containing the material has proven to be more than 44 times faster-acting than market-leading toothpastes for sensitivity. Matrix, a UK-based company specializing in the commercialization of personal care products and brands, is now preparing to launch the toothpaste on the British retail market.


The successful collaboration project between Svenska Aerogel, a team of researchers, and the healthcare company has been ongoing for several years. It all began when two researchers studied and developed the use of aerogels in toothpaste to relieve tooth sensitivity. Their solution underwent extensive testing, resulting in a patent owned by the researchers. In the mid-2010s, Svenska Aerogel was approached by the university to initiate a collaboration, leading to the production of an aerogel material with optimized properties for toothpaste.


Dr. Niall Kent, inventor of the technology and Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon:

“This is a fantastic agreement that is going to bring a solution to a severely life-affecting disease impacting 40% of the population. The anti-sensitivity toothpaste market is growing and is projected to be worth $3.9 billion worldwide by 2025. Until now, there has been very little innovation in the field over the last 20 years, and there are a limited number of existing technologies available to consumers. This agreement is the next step in bringing our innovative solution to sufferers whose needs are not currently being met by existing products.”


Next step: commercialization

Svenska Aerogel has recently sent aerogel material for pilot production and formulation. The next phase involves launching the toothpaste on the British retail market. Matrix is driving the commercialization efforts and has already invested in a toothpaste production facility and established distribution channels. Matrix will also invest in Svenska Aerogel’s production, facilitating adjustments in the process technology for larger-scale production of the aerogel material.


Charlie Bradshaw, Founder of Matrix:

“Matrix is thrilled to partner with Svenska Aerogel and Dr. Niall Kent to commercialize this revolutionary advancement in sensitive teeth care. For far too long, those suffering from dental sensitivity have been left without a truly effective solution. With fair pricing and widespread distribution across retail and e-commerce channels, we are committed to making this groundbreaking technology readily available to millions worldwide, empowering them to experience the joys of everyday life without the fear of dental discomfort.”


Great expansion opportunities ahead

All parties involved recognize the highly optimal timing for commercialization. The current market-leading toothpaste brand for sensitivity no longer holds a patent for its technology, opening doors for new solutions. The researchers currently hold a European and US patent for their innovative application. The leading brand lacks authorization for its product in the US, meaning there are favourable conditions for the new technology in this market.


“This new product can make a significant difference to public health,” says Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO of Svenska Aerogel. “We have a growing population that is aging, increasing the demand for quality dental care. This demand will never diminish but continue to increase into the future – making the potential of the product highly substantial.”


The launch of the toothpaste is targeted for Q3 2024.


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Gävle, 29 November 2023