Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel’s development project with one of Europe’s largest carpet manufacturers shows the expected results. The purpose of this project is to develop carpets with highly improved acoustic performance as well as thermal insulation by including the by Svenska Aerogel patented material Quartzene.  

The result is achieved by the company through the development of a thermal insulating paint sprayed on the carpets. It is the addition of Quartzene in the paint that provides the very good insulating properties.

– The project has been developed in several stages with good results. Another major test is now running and we estimate that the project will be completed in 2018 and that the orders will start at the same time, says Anders Lundström, CEO of Svenska Aerogel, and continues:

“The results are better and came faster than we expected. We see great potential for this type of carpets.

The use of carpets is wide in both industrial and private environments. Examples includes the aerospace industry, the automotive industry (with the car manufacturers as the main sector), hotels, trade halls, major shopping malls, offices and housing.

– Insulating paint and coatings in carpets is one of many examples of the benefits of using Quartzene. Comfort increases significantly if the floors are warm and soundproof, “says Anders Lundström, CEO.

Svenska Aerogel markets Quartzene, which is a development of the super-material aerogel. Quartzene has excellent insulating properties as well as effective possibilities for purification by filtration. With Quartzene Svenska Aerogel has greatly improved the relationship between price and performance compared with other aerogel products, making the price close to halved without reducing performance.

For further information please contact:

Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel, tel +46 (0)70-656 80 42, 

Stockholm, Nov 3, 2017, 09:00 am

Svenska Aerogel is a commercial enterprise with a solid foundation in R&D. The company has developed and commercialises Quartzene® in several business areas, primarily Insulation, Paint&Coatings, and Filtration.  Quartzene is produced using a flexible, eco-friendly and very cost-efficient method. Svenska Aerogel has developed several variations of Quartzene, and both the product and method are patented. Commercialisation takes place in close cooperation with industrial partners that represent various important business areas. Svenska Aerogel was introduced on Nasdaq First North in December 2016. FNCA is the designated Certified Adviser for Svenska Aerogel.