Svenska Aerogel has received another order for Quartzene by French dealer Novcoat for use in a new thermal insulating roof coating for energy savings. A pilot test is now starting where the product with Quartzene is used to insulate horizontal roofs on existing buildings. It is the first order in a planned series for pilot tests on buildings in France.

The French manufacturer specializes in industrial paint and coatings solutions. Thermal insulating roof coating products with Quartzene combines reflection and insulation to lower the temperature indoors during hot days. This can reduce the use of air conditioning and meets the increased demands in Europe for improvements in energy performance for buildings. The EU´s Energy Performance of Building Directive, that was implemented from April this year, sets demanding targets for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.

The new product with Quartzene has been certified by CSTB, French institute for evaluation and certification of construction engineering products. This guarantees that the product meets applicable performance requirements.

Thermal insulating roof coating and insulating plaster / paint are well suited for application to existing buildings for improvements of insulation and Quartzene is a critical component. Insulating coatings for energy saving is a key segment for Svenska Aerogel.

For further information please contact:

Roland Ek, Product Manager Svenska Aerogel +46 (0)70 582 9843

Svenska Aerogel manufactures and commercializes the nanoporous material Quartzene® for various industrial applications. Svenska Aerogel’s business concept is to meet market needs for new materials focusing on sustainability. Quartzene is optimized to add desired properties in various applications. The company’s vision is to be the most valued business partner providing new material solutions for a sustainable world.

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Gävle May 7, 2020