Svenska Aerogel strengthens global presence at fall industry fairs

Industry fairs remain key meeting places for creating business contacts. That is why Svenska Aerogel has participated in several events, both international and local, in the fall of 2023. Here are some takeaways from Svenska Aerogel’s recent trade fairs in Building & Construction and Transport.


The Battery Show North America, September 12–14

North America’s largest advanced battery technology event, The Battery Show North America, took place in Novi, Michigan. This annual happening brings together engineers, business leaders, and their companies to discuss product innovations and future battery solutions for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) sector. The 2023 edition set a record with nearly 19,000 attendees.


Committed to enhancing the safety and performance of EV batteries with Quartzene®, Svenska Aerogel visited the show to strengthen its market presence.

“The development within EV safety is progressing extremely fast, and it is clear that our material can play a considerable role in this advancement. At The Battery Show North America, we generated several new leads from companies interested in developing their solutions for thermal runaway protection using Quartzene®,” said Joakim Wanner, Sales Director at Svenska Aerogel.


International Antifouling Conference, September 13–14

At the International Antifouling Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, participants explored the future of sustainable antifouling solutions. This global event not only brought networking opportunities for Svenska Aerogel but also ensured the company’s continued involvement in the dynamic antifouling industry. The company’s innovative SeaQare® product is a significant step towards sustainable antifouling paints, maintaining high performance despite very low copper content. The conference affirmed SeaQare® as a highly interesting material for tackling challenges within the antifouling paint industry.


Svenska Aerogel and KRAHN Italy at Paint & Coatings Italy
Svenska Aerogel and KRAHN Italy at Paint & Coatings Italy


Paint & Coatings Italy, October 17–18, and Paint & Coatings Barcelona, November 14–15

Later in the fall, Svenska Aerogel participated in two local fairs in Europe: Paint & Coatings Italy and Paint & Coatings Barcelona. Being present at local events offers some key advantages, according to Joakim Wanner.

“Local fairs allow us to establish a more direct contact with distributors’ end customers and support their development efforts.”


At Paint & Coatings Italy in Milan, Svenska Aerogel joined distributor KRAHN Italy at their stand. Shortly after the event, Svenska Aerogel received an order for 1 ton of Quartzene® from KRAHN on behalf of a new customer. At the same fair in Barcelona, the company joined distributor Comindex.

“We had many productive discussions about developments in the paint and coatings market and about our performance-boosting solutions for the industry. For instance, we talked about how Quartzene® enhances thermal insulation plaster. A big thank you to our hard-working distributors for their support,” said Joakim Wanner.


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