SDG progress: Svenska Aerogel advances sustainability in production with new monitoring systems

Since the second quarter of 2023, Svenska Aerogel has implemented detailed measurements of energy and water consumption in the production of Quartzene®. The initiative is a key component of the company’s focus on selected sustainable development goals (SDGs) and its commitment to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Svenska Aerogel’s sustainability efforts are not only essential for meeting upcoming regulatory standards but also to strengthen the company’s strategic position for long-term success.



Svenska Aerogel has previously identified three UN SDGs to focus on in its sustainability efforts. These are based on areas where the company has the most influence and the greatest opportunity to contribute to positive change. Subsequently, the company divided the SDGs into different sub-goals with concrete activities now being pursued in various activity groups.


One of the prioritized SDGs is number 12, focusing on sustainable production and consumption. Within this field, Svenska Aerogel aims to find ways to increase water and energy recycling.


First step towards achieving SDG 12 successfully implemented

The introduction of systems to monitor the company’s consumptions aligns with SDG 12 and marks another important step in Svenska Aerogel’s continuous sustainability journey. The data obtained from these measurements will serve as the foundation for reducing future consumption.


“The renewable energy we choose not to use can be utilized elsewhere, contributing to the reduction of electricity production reliant on fossil fuels,” emphasizes Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO of Svenska Aerogel.


Creating value for investors and customers through sustainability efforts

Beyond aligning with global goals and preparing the company for upcoming regulations, Svenska Aerogel’s sustainability progress also strengthens the company’s strategic position. With today’s global climate crisis, companies with a clear commitment to sustainability are often the preferred choice for investors and customers seeking environmentally conscious partners.


“Energy conservation not only benefits the environment but also enhances our competitiveness. Furthermore, our focus on resource efficiency translates into potential cost savings, contributing to enhanced financial performance,” says Tor Einar Norbakk.


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