SDG progress: LCA successfully completed

During the third quarter of 2023, Svenska Aerogel completed a life cycle analysis (LCA), calculating the total environmental impact of one of the company’s products from production to delivery. This achievement aligns with Svenska Aerogel’s commitment to sustainable development goal (SDG) 13, which focuses on combating climate change. As customers increasingly favor transparency and sustainable products, the completed LCA provides a strategic opportunity for Svenska Aerogel.


Quartzene powder in Svenska Aerogel's production


A fundamental tool for sustainable improvements

LCAs offer information on the environmental impacts of products, covering raw material extraction, processing, manufacturing, and packaging. Svenska Aerogel’s LCA will serve as a fundamental tool for reducing energy consumption, identifying areas for improvement, and taking further actions.


CEO Tor Einar Norbakk emphasizes: “Building on the LCA, we will be able to ensure the quality of our suppliers in terms of sustainability. It is crucial that our suppliers contribute not only to economic efficiency but also to reducing our environmental footprint and that of our customers. This current LCA is our base, guiding us in prioritizing developments that give higher impact and consequently improve our competitiveness.”


Meeting customer expectations and net zero goals through transparency

In an era of evolving customer expectations and net-zero targets, corporate transparency is crucial. The growing importance of LCAs is fueled by the urgency of climate action and increasingly stringent sustainability regulations. Particularly within the Building & Construction segment, where efforts to minimize carbon footprints are intensified, customers now demand LCAs.


“We produce materials that enhance sustainable properties in our customers’ end products. Sustainability is an important part of our competitive edge, and the LCA strengthens this even further,” says Tor Einar Norbakk.


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