Collaboration between Svenska Aerogel and Uppsala University students provides innovative insights

Svenska Aerogel has once again demonstrated its commitment to pioneering research through a recent collaboration with students from Uppsala University. In the spring of 2023, Svenska Aerogel partnered with five master’s students in chemical engineering to study the fundamental characteristics of a new generation of silica aerogels fabricated using a novel sustainable method.


Senior Researcher Nader Nikkam and Uppsala University students
Senior Researcher Nader Nikkam and Uppsala University students


One project to benefit both parties

Much like Svenska Aerogel’s previous collaborations with students, this partnership aimed to provide the aspiring engineers with hands-on experience while contributing to the company’s pursuit of cutting-edge solutions. Focused on developing Svenska Aerogel’s material Quartzene, the project was the bachelor’s thesis of ambitious students Philip Fermsjö, Olivia Lantz, Martin Ottander, Lisa Wahlström, and Sara Wallman.


“The experience has been very rewarding,” the students shared. “In addition to expanding our knowledge of aerogel chemistry and associated methods, we developed our analytical skills. Moreover, we gained a deeper understanding of project management, effective communication, and teamwork.”


Nader Nikkam is Senior Researcher at Svenska Aerogel and has been the project supervisor.  Reflecting on the project from the company’s perspective, he highlighted the students’ willingness to learn.

“These talented students demonstrated exceptional dedication and the ability to tackle complex scientific challenges,” he noted. “Their achievements are noticeable, and it’s clear they worked very hard to reach this milestone.”


Valuable results contribute to Svenska Aerogel’s innovation

The results of the project were highly satisfactory. Svenska Aerogel and the students made significant findings about the material’s structure, surface chemistry, porosity, thermal stability, and hydrophobic property. Specific project details cannot be shared at this time as the technology in question is still being developed, and it is expected to lead to a new patent in the near future.

“We are proud of the results, as we achieved our initial goals”, the students commented. “Interpreting the results and understanding the chemistry behind the product presented some challenges; however, we are very happy with what we have accomplished and learned during the project.”


Svenska Aerogel continues to foster a collaborative environment that promotes growth for all parties involved. Consequently, the company is always exploring potential partnerships. If you share Svenska Aerogel’s passion for sustainable solutions and wish to collaborate, please reach out to