Svenska Aerogel won the innovation competition “The Insulation Challenge” in Holland. The winning contribution is a thermal insulation plaster that now will be used for energy savings in exixting buildings in the Netherlands. The total market is about 2.4 million homes

In the final this Tuesday it was clear that the contribution Thermo-Line® med NANOTECH inside based on Svenska Aerogels Quartzene won the prize in competition with 40 other contributions. Thermo-Line® med NANOTECH is based on Quartzene and is a thermal insulating plaster manufactured by Barozzi Vernici in Italy. The team behind this achievement is Svenska Aerogel, Barozzi Vernici and the reseller Vesta Chemicals.  

This is a brilliant example of how the market drives innovative solutions. The demand for this type of product is great and we are of course happy about this success for our team. We have managed to unite innovation and cooperation in our network. We see this as an acknowledgment of the product, and now we can contribute with solutions to the market needs in the Netherlands and the rest of the world” says Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO Svenska Aerogel.

The initiative for the competition was taken by 3 housing companies with 90,000 households in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in order to find smart innovative, energy-efficient solutions for existing buildings. The competition received a lot of attention in the Netherlands and another 12 housing companies joined. The total number of homes then increased to 350,000. The total market in the Netherlands is about 2.4 million homes.

Diederik Samsom, chairman of the jury for “The Insulation Challenge”: “This result is encouraging, but what happens after this is crucial. We have seen good solutions with great potential and the 40 entries show how important this challenge is.”

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Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO Svenska Aerogel +46 70 616 0867

Svenska Aerogel has developed Quartzene, the Next Generation aerogel. Quartzene is an additive material for products in thermal insulation, paint&coatings and filtration. Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North. Certified Adviser is FNCA +46 8 528 003 99.

This information is published by Svenska Aerogel on June 28, 2019