Svenska Aerogel has signed an agreement with the French distributor NOVCOAT to promote Quartzene® in central and southern Europe. A similar contract was recently signed with IMCD covering Nordics and Baltics.

NOVCOAT is experienced in marketing, sales and distribution in markets covering special chemicals. They are highly skilled both technically and commercially. NOVCOAT is located in Frejus, France from where they have managed to build a solid customer base for Central and Southern Europe where Quartzene® now will be introduced. 

Svenska Aerogel has a unique material with high technical and economic potential. There is a great demand in Europe for a material with the characteristics found in Quartzene®. I’m really looking forward to offering Quartzene® to our customers and this material is a welcome addition to our business. Svenska Aerogel is an exciting company and I look forward to our future cooperation.” Pierre Chevalier, VD NOVCOAT.

NOVCOAT is well established and have a strong sales focus that will give us a platform to reach our market, this time in parts of Europe. They have the high-tech and commercial knowledge required and we are confident that they will represent Svenska Aerogel in a positive way. It is important for us to work with professional teams in place. That helps us to understand the needs of our customers and their processes. “ Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel.


Svenska Aerogel is a R&D company in materials technology that have been developing and now commercializes Quartzene® for various applications; primary Insulation, Paint & Coatings, and Filtration. Quartzene® is a material produced with a flexible, environmentally friendly and very cost effective method. Svenska Aerogel has developed a number of variants of Quartzene® with product and process patents. The commercialization is done in close cooperation with industrial partners representing various key business areas. Svenska Aerogel has recently been introduced on Nasdaq First North. The Certified Adviser for Svenska Aerogel is FNCA.