Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel  launches a new grade of Quartzene, a material imprving thermal insulation in applications due to its extremely porous structure. The improved product is strongly hydrophobic – water repellent – a prerequisite for long-term functioning in water-borne paint & and coatings. Svenska Aerogel has established about 200 contacts in the paint and coating industry and they are now given the opportunity to test this new variant in their ambition to develop new heat-insulating paint & coating products.

Heat-insulating paint & coatings is a prioritized market for Svenska Aerogel and the company has introduced Quartzene to many manufacturers, resulting in several promising development projects running around the world. The feedback has shown that many customers need a strongly water-repellent quality, and this has been the driving force for an extensive development project at Svenska Aerogel. This improved grade, now introduced to the market, is a result of this work.

“We see a significant potential for our powerful water-repellent Quartzene,” says Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Lundström, CEO, 070-656 8042,

Roland Ek, Product Manager, 070 592 9843,

Svenska Aerogel has developed Quartzene® – The Next Generation Aerogel. The unique manufacturing process enables Svenska Aerogel to offer Quartzene® with better technical performance combined with a lower price, compared to other aerogel manufacturers. The leading business areas are Thermal Insulation, Paint & Coatings and Filtration.

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North and FNCA is the designated Certified Adviser.

Gävle Sept 19, 2018