Svenska Aerogel AB – listed on Nasdaq First North – forms an R&D Advisory Committee. The aim is to work with knowledge transfer from academic research to business. The members are Professor Lars O. Österlund, Professor Bradley F. Chmelka and Professor Emeritus Christer Sjöström.

“We are proud to announce the Committee members. Svenska Aerogel has a strong foundation in cooperations with cross-border academic research and development. We focus on nano- and mesoporous materials and their potential to improve and develop business product technologies in different industries for the benefit of our society, “said Professor Emeritus Christer Sjöström, Head of R&D Svenska Aerogel.

The members:

Professor Lars O. Österlund

Lars is a professor in Solid States physics with a specialization in Environmental Science and Technology, Dep. Of Engineering Sciences, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. With a PhD in Physics at Chalmers in 1997, he has served as Research Director at FOI (Total Defense Research Institute) and as professor at different universities in Denmark and Sweden.

Professor Bradley F. Chmelka

Brad received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley in 1990. He did post-doctoral research in chemistry at UC-Berkeley and in polymer physics at the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, Germany. He is currently Distinguished Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Brad is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

Professor Emeritus Christer Sjöström, will as Head of R & D at Svenska Aerogel, coordinate the work and consolidate the results of the company and marketing efforts.

For further information please contact:

Christer Sjöström, chef FoU Svenska Aerogel


Svenska Aerogel has developed Quartzene® – The Next Generation Aerogel. The unique manufacturing process enables Svenska Aerogel to offer Quartzene® with better technical performance combined with a lower price, compared to other aerogel manufacturers. The leading business areas are Thermal Insulation, Paint&Coatings and Filtration.

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North and FNCA is the designated Certified Adviser.

This information was submitted for publication, through the agency of CEO Anders Lundström June 11, 08:00 a.m. CET.