Katie Jang, (Hyeryong Jang) senior researcher at Kolon Glotech in Korea is visiting Svenska Aerogel for two weeks. Kolon Glotech is a partner in a R&D project managed by Svenska Aerogel and partly financed by the EU Commission as a Horizon 2020 project. Katie will be working in close cooperation with the team at Svenska Aerogel and perform laboratory work and analyses. The objectives for Kolon Glotech is to improve the surface treatments/coatings through regulating surface temperatures and to study new acoustic damping products for the automotive industry. This can be achieved when using Quartzene®.

“I believe We can make remarkable innovations together. Hopefully our joint work in this project will prove to be the first steps in a technical innovation for the automotive industry.” Katie Jang, Kolon Glotech

The ongoing laboratory work and validations are essential as the material Quartzene® can be produced according to different recipes, depending on each customer’s requirements. It is very important to ensure that the material properties are the most suitable for them.

“The cooperation with Kolon Glotech is really exciting. There is of course a great potential in developing products with Quartzene® for the automotive industry. Having Katie here with us is a true pleasure! Not only is she very ambitious and competent, she spreads joy in our team” Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel

Kolon Glotech, established in 1987, is a manufacturing company with a diverse portfolio, automotive materials and life materials. They produce car seat modules and fabrics, artificial turf, polypropylene staple fiber and polyester filaments. They are equipped with systematic production processes and have attained various quality standard certifications. In order to supply products on time and optimize production efficiency, they have established production centers not only in Korea, but also in China as well as established local corporate sales units in the American and Mexican markets. Kolon Glotech will continue to focus on eco-friendly, lightweight functional material development for new growth engine.
Farnaz Ghajeri, Katie Jang, Peter Norberg and Diana Morari. A great team in the laboratory.
Katie Jang och Farnaz Ghajeri studying the material from Kolon Glotech.