The first order for Quartzene produced with the new production technology was received today from Barozzi Vernici, using Quartzene for insulating plasters.

 –   Very positive feedback from customers who have had the opportunity to evaluate Quartzene manufactured with our new technology. The material is easier to handle and allows a higher degree of addition levels, which further increases the insulation effect in the final product, explains Sara Wengström, Account Manager at Svenska Aerogel.

Account Manager

The product Thermo-Line® won an innovation competition in the Netherlands in 2019 aiming for innovative, energy-efficient solutions for properties. Svenska Aerogel participated together with Barozzi Vernici and Vesta Chemicals, Svenska Aerogel’s distributor in the Netherlands. A project started in connection with the prominent victory where Thermo-Line with Quartzene is used in a pilot project on existing buildings.

Thermal insulating plasters and paints are well suited for application to existing buildings with insulation needs and Quartzene is a crucial additive. Insulating paint and coatings for energy saving in buildings is a priority segment for Svenska Aerogel.

The new technology in the factory in Gävle makes it possible to control the particle size in a repeatable way, which  enables customers to increase the amount of Quartzene in their  products for better performance while  at the same time ensuring a more efficient mixing procedure. The material is less dusty, which is important both for the work environment at Svenska Aerogel and in the customers’ manufacturing processes. The choice of a global supplier is strategic for future expansion of manufacturing modules in relevant markets.

For further information please contact:

Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO Svenska Aerogel, +46 70 616 0867

Sara Wengström, Account Manager Svenska Aerogel, +46 73-337 00 95

Svenska Aerogel manufactures and commercializes the nanoporous material Quartzene® for various industrial applications. Svenska Aerogel’s business concept is to meet market needs for new materials focusing on sustainability. Quartzene is optimized to add desired properties in various applications. The company’s vision is to be the most valued business partner providing new material solutions for a sustainable world. Svenska Aerogel Holding AB, Nasdaq First North Growth Market.  Certified Adviser is FNCA, +46 8-528 003 99. Gävle Sept 18, 2020