A leading car manufacturer in the premium segment has decided to continue its evaluation after positive results of the Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel solution Quartzene. The car manufacturer evaluates the Quartzene both for cars powered by combustion engines and electricity.

Quartzene – which is a variant of the super-material Aerogel – has extremely good insulating properties and is suitable for paint on parts of a vehicle that are exposed to elevated temperatures through the combustion engine. The car manufacturer also evaluates Quartzene for electric car models. Electric cars tend to have the opposite problems because they get cold when the engine is not generating any heat. Insulating paint and coatings are expected to be used in several areas to improve the insulation of electric vehicles, as they provide a good function and are easy to apply industrially.

“Our patented material Quartzene has not only very good features, it is also very cost effective, which opens up for a variety of new applications, such as the automotive industry,” says Anders Lundström, CEO Svenska Aerogel.

This evaluation is expected to last for 12-18 months.