Nasdaq First North-listed Svenska Aerogel is strengthening the patent portfolio with an additional 3 patents for the use of Quartzene®. These patents initially concern Sweden and will be expanded to Europe / globally, which strengthens Svenska Aerogel’s commercial product development.

The three patents relate briefly:

• Filtration – absorption of formaldehyde

• Filtration – absorption of ethylene

• Improved printability

“Working actively with our intellectual property is an important part of developing commercially strong products that are protected. These 3 new patents strengthen our position further, “says Anders Lundström, CEO of Svenska Aerogel, and continues.

“For example, when it comes to filtering formaldehyde, we are close to finalizing a product for the market based on this feature. Quartzene can also be used to filter out ethylene and thereby extend the storage time for fruit and vegetables, which has been especially noticed by refrigerator manufacturers.

“Quartzene for improved printability creates sharper prints on paper and wood products. Some projects have been going on for a long time and we expect positive results in the near future.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Lundström, CEO, 070-656 8042,

Christer Sjöström, Manager R&D, 070 546 5916

Svenska Aerogel has developed Quartzene® – The Next Generation Aerogel. The unique manufacturing process enables Svenska Aerogel to offer Quartzene® with better technical performance combined with a lower price, compared to other aerogel manufacturers. The leading business areas are Thermal Insulation, Paint & Coatings and Filtration.

Svenska Aerogel Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North and FNCA is the designated Certified Adviser.

Gävle Oct 18, 2018