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Sales update from Svenska Aerogel: ”We are receiving more pilot orders and look forward to continued growth”

During the spring of 2024, Svenska Aerogel has recognized a growing trend of larger customer projects entering the pilot phase and has received several pilot orders. The company received its first order from a key customer in the transport industry, and recently, Svenska Aerogel sent a container order of approximately 1.4 tons to one of its partners in Asia. CEO Tor Einar Norbakk provides an update on the orders, key customers, and a new, exciting application for Svenska Aerogel’s material.

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Another pilot order for Svenska Aerogel – Quartzene[®] to be tested in unique insulation technology

Svenska Aerogel has received another significant pilot order. This time, the order for approximately 160 kg of Quartzene[®] has been placed by a new customer in the process industry through Svenska Aerogel’s Dutch distributor, Vesta Chemicals. The material will be used in a unique technology for thermal insulation that is currently being developed by the customer. Lately, Svenska Aerogel has noticed rapid development in several customer projects. This collaboration is an example of such progress, where another customer enters the pilot phase of their product development.

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Svenska Aerogel secures substantial pilot order from key customer in the electric vehicle battery industry

Svenska Aerogel has received its first order from a recently introduced key customer within the transport sector – a European supplier to the electric vehicle (EV) industry with a global presence. This order marks an important milestone in the collaboration. The size of the order, 560 kg of Quartzene[®], significantly exceeds the usual size for a pilot order, demonstrating great potential.

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Sales update from Svenska Aerogel: Three new global key customers for 2024

Svenska Aerogel is starting off 2024 by announcing its six key customers for the year, three of which are newly selected as key customers. The defining characteristic of these key customers is their estimated potential to rapidly progress into the commercial phase. Moreover, Svenska Aerogel believes these key customers align well with the company’s segments, possess a clear strategy and sustainability agenda, and have a significant need for the company’s products. Additionally, these key customers have a large volume potential; they estimate their potential to be approximately 2000 tons per year in the maturity phase.

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Svenska Aerogel expands its presence in the Spanish, Portuguese, and Moroccan paint markets with Comindex as new distributor

Specialty chemicals company Comindex has been appointed Svenska Aerogel’s new distributor in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Svenska Aerogel and Comindex signed a letter of intent in 2021, but now the collaboration has been formalized with a distributor agreement. This new agreement will boost Svenska Aerogel’s presence in these markets, focusing on thermal insulation paints and plasters. In countries where high temperatures are common, there is a strong demand for efficient heat insulation and reflective solutions. Svenska Aerogel believes that Quartzene[®]-infused products will play a significant role in meeting this demand.

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Sales update from Svenska Aerogel: The company secures key customer project and focuses on new global key customer

As the year comes to a close, Svenska Aerogel is introducing a new key customer in the transport segment. The new key customer is a global, renowned supplier in the European automotive industry with substantial customer understanding and experience. Simultaneously, a key customer within the process industry has chosen Svenska Aerogel’s solution over a competing technology. Tor Einar Norbakk, CEO of Svenska Aerogel, discusses this and more in a new sales update.

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Svenska Aerogel to become exclusive supplier of aerogel material for patented, high-performance toothpaste for sensitivity

Svenska Aerogel is set to be the exclusive manufacturer of a new aerogel material for use in a patented toothpaste for sensitive teeth within the premium segment. This material was developed during a multi-year collaboration between Svenska Aerogel, a leading London university, and a global healthcare company. When tested, the toothpaste containing the material has proven to be more than 44 times faster-acting than market-leading toothpastes for sensitivity. Matrix, a UK-based company specializing in the commercialization of personal care products and brands, is now preparing to launch the toothpaste on the British retail market.

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