Svenska Aerogel CEO presented at Financial Stockholm investor event

On Wednesday, January 17th, CEO Tor Einar Norbakk participated in an investor meeting with full attendance, organized by Financial Stockholm at Hotel Anglais in Stockholm. During the event, he delivered a company presentation, covering strategic milestones, sales development, key customers, and much more.

What happens during thermal runaway – and how can it be prevented?

A significant concern in the electric vehicle (EV) industry is the problem of thermal runaway. The high dangers and costs related to thermal runaway has caused EV manufacturers to prioritize effective prevention. What happens during this hazardous chemical reaction, and how can it be prevented to increase EV battery safety?

SDG progress: LCA successfully completed

During the third quarter of 2023, Svenska Aerogel completed a life cycle analysis (LCA), calculating the total environmental impact of one of the company’s products from production to delivery. This achievement aligns with Svenska Aerogel’s commitment to sustainable development goal (SDG) 13, which focuses on combating climate change. As customers increasingly favor transparency and sustainable products, the completed LCA provides a strategic opportunity for Svenska Aerogel.

Svenska Aerogel strengthens global presence at fall industry fairs

Industry fairs remain key meeting places for creating business contacts. That is why Svenska Aerogel has participated in several events, both international and local, in the fall of 2023. Here are some takeaways from Svenska Aerogel’s recent trade fairs in Building & Construction and Transport.

SDG progress: Svenska Aerogel advances sustainability in production with new monitoring systems

Since the second quarter of 2023, Svenska Aerogel has implemented detailed measurements of energy and water consumption in the production of Quartzene®. The initiative is a key component of the company’s focus on selected sustainable development goals (SDGs) and its commitment to contributing to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Svenska Aerogel’s sustainability efforts are not only essential for meeting upcoming regulatory standards but also to strengthen the company’s strategic position for long-term success.

CEO interview: Tor Einar Norbakk on positive developments in Q2 2023

In a recent video interview, Svenska Aerogel CEO Tor Einar Norbakk discusses the second quarter 2023, and highlights the positive development with key customers. During the period, two key customers have introduced products incorporating Quartzene. Several customers are entering new phases, and Transport is a fast-growing segment.